What Are Some of the Worst Mistakes of Online Business Card Design?

A business card is your workhorse. It’s the tool that gets people to remember exactly who you are, and it lets them know precisely how they can contact you. You can hand them out at network events, pass them on to clients, or even mail them to potential leads. Nowadays, there are dozens of way to present yourself and your business through the Internet and social media, for example creating cool professional twitter profile design, but it seems that good old business cards are still the best way to go.

But if your business card design template is weak, it will be totally useless.

The importance of a creative business card design that gets you and your business noticed cannot be understated. An attractive, professional business card ensures that you and your business is remembered for the right reasons, and it also gives someone a reason to follow up and actually contact with you. It also shows that your business is professional, details exactly what services you offer, and it helps you to attract more companies – and ultimately grow your organisation.

Because a business card as a part of corporate identity package is so crucial to expansion, let’s take a look at some of the worst mistakes of online business card design that you need to avoid:

Your Business Card Design Template Looks Like All The Rest

So many business cards leave absolutely no impression because they look exactly the same as all the others. What happens is that they quickly become a distant memory.

The Quality Is Just Poor

online business card design

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We’ve all seen the home-made business cards that our friend made for their small business. Because they’re operating on a budget, they thought they could get away with designing and printing their business cards themselves.

While it can be possible for an amateur designer to craft an interesting, eye-catching design, if the quality of the card itself is poor, it’s just not going to cut it out with potential clients.

Feather-light cards that tear and peel easily are not going to create a positive impression on anyone.

Your Creative Business Card Design Is Too Creative

Sometimes, it can be easy to get ahead of yourself when designing a business card. Sometimes, you can get so creative that your business card become a mystery.

Underneath all the colours, the fonts and the artwork, there is just no substance. Nobody knows what your business is all about!

The Print Is Too Small

Some people try to cram as much information onto their cards as possible so that the font is tiny. While you might be able to read it, other people will have great difficulty.

And rather than make the effort to read what is on the card, they might just toss it in the bin.

Grey Print On White Background

Many people repeat the popular mistake of grey print a white background. But while this might look somewhat professional, it also looks dull and is hard to read.

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Now That You’ve Read What NOT To Do, What Are Some Tips On Creating A Good Design For Business Cards?

Include At Least One USP

Why should customers use your service? Include at least one super powerful reason for why a potential client should work with you.

Use Small Cards Only

A business card should be small enough to fit into someone’s wallet. Any bigger and it just isn’t practical.

Be Clear With What You’re About

Don’t go for the mystery and suspense angle. Be direct, be clear and make an instant connection with the customer.

Use Good Stock Paper

Be prepared to invest in good stock paper that won’t wilt from the first contact with water or tear in someone’s pocket.

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image credit: spyrestudios.com

We Can Help

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