Why Is Company Profile for Trading Company Businesses Necessary?


When discussing trading companies today, it generally refers to businesses that deal in a few select products that are sold almost exclusively to other businesses. Although trading companies are an industry themselves, they may deal in products across several industries. Despite handling specialized products, most trading companies encounter serious competition. A good company profile can be an effective marketing tool to help attract new customers and expand your business while fending off the competition. It can also attract producers of related products that you could add to your current line to help stay competitive. As a marketing tool, the company profile is versatile and can be aimed at a general audience or targeted to a specific group. It can be used in a variety of places including company websites, various social media platforms, press releases, company brochures and many others. Besides attracting new customers, and new product opportunities, it can also attract new employees and even potential investors.

Creating a Trading Company Profile

Company profiles used by trading firms can be written in a variety of ways. There isn’t one specific way that is best. Factors that affect how the profile is written include its intended purpose, who the audience will be and where it is going to be used. The company profile for trading company websites is perhaps the one that the average person is most familiar with. It will generally use a structure similar to the one shown here:

  • Company overview. This is general company information that will include the type of products carried, the geographic areas that are included, number of employees and other basic facts about the business.
  • Company history. A very brief story of how and when the company was started and perhaps a few milestones reached and major obstacles overcome.
  • Profiles of key employees. Brief bios that include experience in the industry and any special qualifications possessed.
  • Listing of any certifications, licenses or special requirements such as customs paperwork that may be needed to deliver the product.
  • A mission statement that provides the reason for the companies existence and its goals.

Although the above shows a fairly typical structure, it isn’t fixed or required. The most effective company profiles are those written for a specific purpose with a particular audience in mind. Any company profile should be engaging and hold the interest of the intended reader. It should also be easy to read and understand. The five links below are to company profiles that trading firms have used on their own websites:

company profile for trading companycompany profile for trading companycompany profile for trading company online

company profile for trading companycompany profile for trading company

Writing an effective company profile isn’t easy. Although you can follow an outline used by a similar firm, an effective company profile is usually written for a particular company with a specific goal and audience in mind. If you are unsure of how to write a profile that is effective or can’t spare the time, our service is well qualified to assume the task.

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