Why Is Small Business Company Profile Necessary?


Many small businesses are not well recognized in the area they serve and lack the budget for serious advertising. One inexpensive marketing tool that you can use to introduce your business to potential customers is the company profile. Your company profile assists in creating the type of business image you want to portray while helping to establish your credentials in the field. You can use a company profile to attract new customers, employees or even potential investors. A company profile might be included on your own website, be posted on various social media platforms, used in brochures and handouts or included in a press release. A company profile for small business users can be aimed at a general audience or target a particular group. For a small business without a big advertising budget, the company profile is a marketing tool that should definitely not be overlooked or discounted.

Creating a Company Profile for Small Business Marketing and Growth

There is not set standard for how to write a company profile. Content, writing style and tone, and structure will vary depending on the intended purpose, audience and where it will be used. In general full company profiles are found in places like business plans, loan applications and annual reports. They are generally the longest and most detailed versions of a business’s profile. The profile that is most likely to be seen by potential customers is the more condensed version that a business includes on its own website. A typical structure of these company profiles will be similar to that shown here:

  • Company history with some background information such as when the company was started, geography served, types of products or services provided and who forms your customer base. Mention any notable accomplishment or milestones reached and major obstacles overcome.
  • Elaborate on your service or products provided.
  • Discuss any notable achievements, awards received related to your business or special recognition.
  • If applicable provide any special certifications, qualifications or license information needed for your business.
  • Mission statement about why the company was brought into existence and its main goals.

Company profiles should engage the reader and hold their interest. Avoid technical jargon and provide content that is easy to read and understand. Include SEO keywords if the profile is posted online and if you have specific target audiences include information of interest to them. The following five company profiles that are on the websites of different small businesses:

company profile for small businesscompany profile for small businesscompany profile for small business

company profile for small businesscompany profile for small business

If you are unsure how to write an effective company profile or don’t have time, you can see a company profile sample and later our company can handle the job for you.

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