Your Restaurant Needs a Company Profile


The restaurant business is booming with new places seems to open on a daily basis. It is also an intensely competitive industry regardless of the niche your restaurant caters to. Whether you own a chain of restaurants with dozens of outlets or one café with a dozen tables, a good company profile can benefit your business. A company profile for restaurant businesses is a marketing tool that helps to create the image you want to portray to potential customers, employees and investors. It establishes your credibility and helps you to expand your business so you remain competitive with the rest of the industry. A restaurant may use their company profile on their own website, in brochures, on social media outlets or some other place. It might target a general audience or be aimed at a specific group.

Writing the Restaurant Company Profile

An effective company profile conveys the message you want it to in a clear and concise manner. It should be engaging so as to hold the readers’ interest through to the end. The content and structure of company profiles vary depending on its purpose, where it will be used and who the audience is. For the average person the company profile, many businesses include on their website is the one they are most familiar with. The structure of a company profile that a restaurant might include on their website will have a structure similar to the following:

  • Company overview where a brief summary of the restaurant and the type of food it serves is provided.
  • A company history that briefly discusses how the restaurant got started and some obstacles and milestones along the way.
  • Special awards the restaurant may have garnered in the past can be discussed.
  • Profiles of key personnel are often included.
  • Company culture might be discussed and the working environment that you create for employees.
  • The mission statement of the restaurant that tells why the restaurant was started and its goals.

A company profile in an annual report for investors would include financial data and other information relevant to the restaurants business operations and be considerably longer and more detailed, while on some social media sites it could be reduced to a paragraph or even much less. Here are five examples of company profiles used on restaurant businesses websites:

company profile for restaurantcompany profile for restaurantcompany profile for restaurant

company profile for restaurantcompany profile for restaurant

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