Corporate branding is what helps customers differentiate your business from another. It is what gives your company an identity, and is an important aspect of marketing.

Corporate identity helps your product stand out from the crowd and make the customer distinguish it easily.

corporate identity templates

Corporate Identity Templates Made Easy

When we think of all the major businesses in the world, from McDonald’s to Nike, we recognise them through their branding more than anything else.

corporate identity manual sample

Your company’s corporate identity, therefore, is fundamental. Although it is largely up to the communication department to forge an effective corporate identity that represents the values and personality of your company, we at Corporate Identity Design are home to a team of expert professional writers, illustrators and designers who have years of experience in creating corporate identities for a variety of businesses.

corporate identity manual sample

Our Corporate Identity Templates For You

To give you an idea of what we do, why not take a look through our corporate identity templates? Our array of corporate identity templates showcase the diverse breadth of our work.

corporate identity templates

corporate identity templates

Our Corporate Identity Manual Sample For You

Or, if you’re looking for further inspiration, we have also included a few product packaging ideas and corporate identity manual samples for you to take a look at. These corporate identity manual samples further demonstrate why Corporate Identity Design is one of the leading corporate identity design companies.

From brochures to envelopes, slogans to logos, our team are accomplished at anything and everything, and we happily invite you to have a browse through our work.

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