Purpose of corporate brochure design

The brochure is a marketing tool for your products and services and for your business. Brochures are usually designed to market specific products or services of a company. However, at the same time the brochure is a corporate identity tool. It builds your corporate image through the use of images, texts and symbols. Your brochure should reflect your companies brand image which requires it to be distinct in concept and design just as your logo and other corporate identity tools are. A great brochure design should:

  • Attract attention and hold the interest of potential customers
  • Influence readers to purchase your product or service
  • Build your brand and increase brand awareness

The challenge is to develop not only a corporate brochure design but also the best corporate identity that sells your product and represents your brand well.

Our steps in corporate brochure design

We follow pretty much the same procedures for brochure design as with other design although there will be some differences. Here are the steps in our corporate brochure design process:

  • We receive the order for your corporate brochure design. This should include information on the product or service the brochure is meant to market. Some customers will have a vague idea of what they want, or see a brochure design template that has some elements they like. If you are having a brochure designed chances are you have a company logo, so your corporate identity guidelines will need to be clarified.
  • Our designers will work on different concepts for the brochure design. They will be considering design, both from a marketing point of view as well as from a corporate identity view. Several design concepts that work from a marketing standpoint while adhering to your corporate identity standards will be worked up.
  • You are presented with the corporate brochure design drafts to review. After selecting the brochure design you like the best, we can make any changes until it is exactly how you feel it should be.
  • After finalizing the brochure design we will format it and send it to you, ready to print


Make your corporate brochure design part of your corporate identity package

Brochures are a great corporate identity tool as well as an excellent tool for marketing. With the need today to build a recognizable brand and corporate identity, having a strategy that makes use of all the corporate identity tools at your disposal is worth considering. We have an outstanding team of corporate identity experts, including some of the top graphic design artists and writers in the industry. They are experienced with a track record of success. Other benefits of using our service include:

  • Online order and payment process that is fast and easy
  • Guarantees on every corporate identity package we provide
  • Reasonable rates that won’t break your budget
  • Complete customer confidentiality

Contact us and create a corporate brochure design that projects the image you want and makes you stand out from your business competitors.