Use a corporate identity example to help develop your own corporate identity

Corporate identity is the visual representation of your company brand. Your company brand is basically the image that your business projects. Corporate identity visually represents that image. A corporate identity is made up of many different tools for conveying your company brand. These include company logo, company stationery, business cards, signs, product packaging and brochures. The list goes on. Perhaps the most important of all of these is the company logo. The other corporate identity tools such as stationery often incorporate the logo into their own design. The logo and corporate identity as a whole benefit you in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that you stand out from your business competitors
  • Reflects your basic business values and projects your business as reliable and professional
  • Making your business memorable by creating a clear visual identity for your company and its brand

If you don’t have a corporate identity for your business you should consider developing one. Look at a corporate identity example to get an idea for your own.

Where can I find a corporate identity example?

There are likely examples all around you. The golden arches from McDonald’s and Apple Computers apple with a bite taken out of it are two that come quickly to mind. A quick search on the internet will produce hundreds if not thousands. To get you started a corporate identity sample has been included here for you to take a look at.

Coming up with a corporate identity isn’t always easy. The design should project what it is you want your brand to stand for. If after looking at a corporate identity example you are having difficulty developing ideas for your own, we provide a corporate identity branding service that can help.


About our corporate identity branding service

We provide corporate identity design services that include logo design, website design and company stationery design among others. We have assembled a team of designers and writers that are among the best in the industry and who have extensive corporate identity experience. The designs we provide are original, and customized to each customer’s specific needs, and how they want to represent their brand. Additional benefits of using our service include:

  • Unlimited revisions on the designs we provide until you are completely satisfied. There is no extra charge for revisions.
  • Guarantees on all of the designs we provide
  • Fair and affordable rates for a corporate identity package that small businesses can manage
  • Customer support always available to help you

When it’s time for you to develop a corporate identity for your business, contact us for a corporate identity that makes you stand out and creates the image you want.