How Can You Master the Art of Icon Web Design?

Look around you on any day of the week, and you’ll see that there are icons everywhere. There are icons on your smartphone’s interface, icons on your keyboard, and icons on a road sign straight ahead of you.

If you can name it, there are icons.

Icons are there to help us understand the world better and process information correctly. But icons aren’t just limited to the offline world. In 2016, they’re everywhere on the online world, too, where they are used to support content and help users have a better online experience.

Whenever you enter a new website, how long you remain on the page depends on how readable the information is. Icons help us to grasp the main points, and they help us to process information speedily.

Icons also draw attention, and they enhance readabilitya nd improve your overall business identity package.

The Importance Of Unique And Interesting Web Icon Design

icon web designIf your web icon design is good, you will be able to speedily sum up exactly what your text is all about. A good-looking web icon can even communicate entire content, which means there is no need to waste further time by adding more text.

An ace icon for web design also draws the user’s attention to something important, thereby creating more conversions for your page. Icons – like pictures – are worth a thousand words, and without icons, your website could be dull enough for people to leave instantly.

Without a high quality icon web design, you will also struggle to make your website readable. While lots of web designers continue to rely on bullet points, they can be boring. Engaging, well-crafted icons are a much better way of drawing attention to your content. The key is to not overdo things.

6 Tips For Crafting A Slick Icon For Web Design

Keep Things Simple

It’s important that you keep things simple and basic. If you do this, your icons will be more versatile, and can thus be used in a range of different projects.

Be Consistent With Your Light Sources

web icon designIt’s really easy to get carried away with web icon design and forget that each style has to be consistent with one another.

But just as important as consistent style is consisting lighting. Any mismatch in lighting styles between your different icons is going to be noticeable for all the wrong reasons.

Use Vector Format

Your icon will be used in a number of sizes. For this reason, it’s important to use vector graphics because your designs will be scaleable and can be used for different projects.

Bear In Mind Cultural Differences

While an icon on a road sign might have an obvious meaning to you, it may have a totally different meaning to someone from another culture.

When creating your icons, remember that some will have different meanings to people from oner cultures.

Be Colourful

Don’t be bland because bland gets overlooked on the Internet. Instead, but colourful – but be harmonic.

Design For Large Formats AND Small Scales

Your designs need to accommodate both small and large scales and formats, so always bear this in mind when creating your icons.

Our Team Of Icon Designers

icon for web designIcons play a key role in web design. Although they might be small, creating one that stands out and enhances your website is not easy and takes a lot of time.

Our team of experienced web icon designers bring your pages to life. Using the latest in sophisticated software, we create icons that grab a user’s attention – and never let go. Simple, readable and eye-catching, our designs ensure that you get more conversions and grow your business. We can also provide you with other creative stuff that can help you to improve your business, such as amazing and creative name card design.

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