Why a Company Profile Is a Must Have for Your Marketing Firm


Marketing has evolved tremendously in the last few years and the industry has had to adapt to the changes. It is more competitive than it has ever been and marketing firms can’t afford to stay in the background. One tool that can help bring attention to your business is the company profile. Marketing people know that it is important to create the right image and establish your credentials in your industry. A good company profile is an effective and inexpensive tool to help achieve those things. It can help you attract clients, new employees or even investors to help grow your marketing company and may be used on your own website, various social media platforms, brochures, press releases and other places. The company profile can be aimed at a general audience or targeted at a specific group. It is versatile, effective and inexpensive making it a marketing tool that shouldn’t be left unused.

Creating a Marketing Company Profile

A good company profile will be engaging and able to hold the interest of the reader. It will also be easy to read and understand, and not too heavy on industry jargon. Those things are pretty much mandatory in a company profile. Most other elements are flexible and depend on your purpose, audience and where the profile will be used. The most effective profiles are tailored to specific companies and designed to achieve a particular goal or purpose. The company profile most people are likely to see for a marketing firm will be on its own website and it will be structured in a way similar to the following:

  • Mission statement. Describes the reasons for the company existing and its goals.
  • Company overview. General information about the services provided, number of employees, geographic areas covered and things of a similar nature. There is no need to go into detail.
  • Company history. A brief story about how and when the company was started, major obstacles overcome and milestones reached.
  • Bios of key personnel that include their experience, qualifications and noteworthy accomplishments.
  • Awards, notable achievements or any special industry recognition the company has received.

The structure isn’t fixed in stone. Information should be presented in the best way to achieve your purpose. The following five are corporate profiles that marketing firms have included on their websites:

company profile marketingcompany profile marketingcompany profile marketing

company profile marketing

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