Why a Logistics Company Profile Is Needed to Succeed in the Industry


There are two things that are of primary importance for a logistics company to be successful. Customers are one, and the other is the network of freight companies and shippers that move cargo over land, sea and by air. Potential clients want to deal with companies that can get their cargo from one point to another efficiently, and the logistics firm’s job is to see that this happens. Both customers and freight companies want to know who they are dealing with before entering into a business transaction or relationship. The company profile is one tool that logistics firms can use to help accomplish this. It can help you develop the right company image and establish your firm’s credentials in the industry that make it possible to handle customer’s cargo. The company profile can attract new customers as well as freight companies to expand your network and provide better service. Your company profile may appear on your own website, be posted on different social media platforms, appear in proposals and company brochures among other places. It can also be aimed at a general audience or target a specific group, all depending on how it is presented.

Creating a Company Profile for Logistics Firms

There isn’t one correct way to write a company profile. The profile in annual reports and business proposals may be several pages and quite detailed. Company profiles on websites and social media will be much more condensed versions. These are the versions of company profiles that are likely to initially catch potential customer’s interest. The structure of a company profile for a logistics firm that is used on the businesses website will be similar to the following:

  • Company overview. General information about the company such as the types of services provided, geographic area delivered to, types of cargo handled and similar facts about the business. This need not be too detailed.
  • Company history. How and when the company was started, major milestones and obstacles since the start.
  • Profiles of key employees. Brief bios discussing the experience and credentials of key personnel in the business.
  • Discussion of special or custom services.
  • Company certifications, licenses, compliance with government and industry standards and other qualifications.
  • Mission statement. The reason for starting the company and its goals.

The reader needs just enough to know whether you offer the service they require where they need it and are qualified to provide it to determine whether further research is warranted. The following five company profiles that logistics firms have posted on their own website:

company profile for logisticscompany profile for logisticscompany profile for logistics

company profile for logistics

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