Why Is Company Profile for HR Consultancy Firms Necessary?


Almost 10 years ago HR consultancy was 18 billion dollar industry and it has continued to grow every year since then. Consultants often leave the firm they are with to start their own company, so there is no shortage of experienced competition in the industry. One tool that can help you market your firm and remain competitive is the company profile. A good company profile can help establish your firm’s credibility in the industry and assist in building the business image that you want to portray. The company profile for HR consultancy firms can be used to attract new clients, new employees or investors, which in turn helps you to grow your company and stay competitive with others in the field. Company profiles may appear on a firm’s website, be posted on social media sites or appear in annual reports among other places depending on the target audience and the purpose it is intended for.

Writing a HR Consultancy Company Profile

A full company profile is usually used in something like an annual report for shareholders or partners. Most people are more familiar with the versions that appear on company websites and social media which are more condensed versions with less detail. A good company profile for HR consultancy firms should be engaging so that it holds the interest of the reader. Clear, easy to understand language should be used with as little technical jargon included as possible. The content should be relevant to the purpose the profile is intended for. The structure will depend somewhat on where the profile will be used. The company profile that a HR consultancy firm posts on its website will often have a structure similar to the following:

  • The mission statement that tells why the company was formed and what its goals are.
  • Profiles of key employees that discuss their experience, special areas of focus and any special awards or notable achievements.
  • Discuss any special certifications, recognition received and organizations your firm is a member of related to the industry.

A company profile structured in this way is generally aimed at attracting new clients by showing what the firm does, its experience in providing the service and capabilities to perform at a high level. Here are five examples of company profiles used on the websites of HR consultancy firms:

company profile for hr consultancycompany profile for hr consultancycompany profile for hr consultancy

company profile for hr consultancy

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