How Do You Make the Best Newsletter Design Possible?

Any small business worth their salt sends newsletters to their clients at least once a month. But do any of us actually know why?

Many of us send out corporate newsletter’s each and every month simply because “it’s the norm” and everyone else is doing it. To make sure we don’t fall behind the competition, we have to send newsletters out each month.

But simply sending out newsletters is not good enough, because what really gets attention is when you use the best e-newsletter design possible.

If you don’t, your newsletters are going to struggle to inform, educate – or even get noticed among other corporate identity examples.

The Importance Of Using The Best Newsletter Design

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The purpose of a newsletter is to reach a wider audience, the kind of wide audience that you don’t generally have access to one a day-to-day basis.

The power of email is such that you can target clients from around the globe, informing them about where you business is up to, and what events you’ve got coming up.

This helps you to widen your base of customers, and it also helps your business to expand as a whole – but only if you’re employing an effect corporate newsletter design.

A top quality newsletter design should be easy to read, but it should also include the right information. It can include blogs, news links, info about your business and where you are up to, and it should all be presentable and clear.

Without the right design, you’ll struggle to hit the spot with customers and you’ll instead be wasting time and resources.

How To Create The Best Newsletter Design


The whole purpose of a newsletter is to relay information to your clients. If your newsletter looks good but has absolutely no substance, it’s going to be totally redundant.

Think of it like someone who meets up with a friend with the sole purpose of telling them something important. But when they meet up, they forget what it was they wanted to tell them and nobody is any the wiser.

Your newsletter needs to relay information that adds value to a client’s life. For example, you could tell them about any work-related news, events, important dates, deadlines and even sales reports. Anything you think they’d want to know, go ahead and tell them.

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Forge The Sales Hype

Sure, clients want to be kept in the loop regarding sales, but this should not be your main focus. A newsletter is something a client receives each month, and it becomes almost like an old friend. As such, the last thing they want is for a pushy salesman to suddenly arrive in their inbox.

Keep things friendly and personable, and if you do plug a product, plug it like a friend would.

Lose The Chunky Paragraphs

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Imagine receiving a news letter that is as big as a novel and stuffed with huge paragraphs. You’re not going to want to read it.

Make your newsletter readable by keeping your paragraphs short, and using bullet points to highlight anything important.

You need to make your newsletter look readable – you don’t want it to look like an essay.

The average person spends only 51 seconds reading a newsletter, so the key is to catch their attention and keep it for as long as possible.

Use snap shots, brief blurbs and calls to actions.

Our Corporate Newsletter Design Time

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