Here are details you need to know how colors of your brand affect buying decisions. Knowing this will help you to increase your profit and sales.



Color and Marketing

  • Sound and smell: 1%
  • Texture: 6%
  • Visual appearance: 93%
  • Color: 85%

Color and Consumer

  • Yellow: attention of window shoppers, optimistic and youthful
  • Red: Energy
  • Blue: Creates sensational security and trust
  • Green: Associated with wealthy
  • Orange: Aggressive and creates call to action: sell, buy or subscribe
  • Pink: Feminine and romantic
  • Black: Sleek and powerful
  • Purple: Used to calm and sooth

Psychology of Color

Color can make powerful emotions for viewers. Color increases brand recognition up to 80%. If you choose the wrong color, then you might suffer sales losses. Take note that each color that you use in your branding have negative or positive effect on your audiences. What you need to do is to find the right balance in order to reflect your brand value and to have a successful business.

Color and Branding

Color is important for branding. According to UCL’s psychology department and Cobalt, color is more memorable compared to name or shape. You should not underestimate the power of color because according to study, it increases brand recognition.

Men and Women Favorite Colors

  • Men: Blue (52%), brown (2%), grey (3%), green (14%), orange (5%), white (2%), red (7%), yellow (1%) and black (9%).
  • Women: Blue (35%), brown (3%), green (14%), grey (1%), orange (5%), purple (23%), red (9%) and white (1%).

There you have the details you need to know about colors and how it affects buying decisions. You need to know the importance of colors and their meaning before you start using it for your company profile designs. Choose the best color for your business today!

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