History of Corporate Identity Infographic


History of Corporate Identity

What are the most important histories in corporate identity? Check out the following for things to remember about it.

Significant Events in the History of Logos

  1. Logo idea dates back in ancient Greece, when it was used in identifying ciphers. They were made of a single letter combined with a simple design and symbol in creating a distinctive identifier.
  2. Logo creation was involved into the signets and marks of kings and queens. But in time, they would become of great use even for people without royal lineage.
  3.  Adoption and wider of logos started in the 13th century. Logos were used by artisans in marking their products and as identifiers.
  4. Simple logos were also used by traders in the 1700s. The use of logos became even more prominent in the industrial revolution.
  5. Branding icons were just means of marking one’s property in the old west. During the 1800s, an interesting use of logos appeared in the American west.
  6. It became an asset by the 1950s. The logo became a simple identifier.
  7. Logos became faces of business. Logos became part of building and communicating a brand for a unified message.

Interesting Facts

  • According to a recent survey participated by 720 executives, companies with better identities outperformed their counterparts by 25 percent.

Three Powerful Identities Coherent to Connect Elements

  • Proposition value offered
  • Creating that value through capabilities system
  • Products and services leveraging capabilities and delivering against value proposition

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