An Engineering Company Profile Is an Essential Ingredient for Your Firms to Success


Your engineering firm may contain all the necessary elements of a great engineering company and capable of handling any job. Unfortunately it takes more than that to make any headway in the industry. If nobody knows how well qualified you are or what you are capable of you will have a hard time getting clients or finding good people to work in your firm. Although not the only means of marketing your engineering firm, the company profile is an effective and inexpensive way to boost your efforts. A good company profile helps build your company image and establish your credentials in the industry. It is versatile and can be used to target a specific audience or achieve a particular goal. You can use a company profile on your own engineering website, post it on different social media platforms and include it in brochures, business proposals and other documents

Writing the Profile of Engineering Company Businesses

There isn’t a “best” way to write your company profile. All company profiles should be engaging so as to hold the readers interest. They must also be easy to understand and not too technical for the average reader and the content should contain the information your target audience is interested in. The structure used for a profile of engineering company businesses will depend on where it is used and the specific purpose. A common place to see profiles of engineering firms is on their own company website where a structure similar to the following is often used:

  • Mission statement. Why the company was started and its main goals.
  • Company history. How and when the company started and some major milestones reached.
  • Company overview. Some general information about the firm such as the geographical area covered, number of employees and services provided.
  • Profiles of key personnel. Brief bios of employees in key positions including their experience, training and any special awards or certifications.
  • Statement of corporate and social responsibility. How the company upholds its corporate and social responsibilities and deals with the conflicting needs of customers, employees and society.
  • Information about certifications, compliance with government and industry standards and membership in industry-related organizations.
  • Notable achievements and how profile jobs completed.

The general idea is to let the reader (potential client) know what engineering services are offered and where, the extent of experience the company has providing the services, and the credentials and capabilities of those doing the work. The following are company profiles that engineering firms have on their own websites:

profile of engineering companyprofile of engineering companyprofile of engineering company

profile of engineering companyprofile of engineering company

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Engineering Your Company Profile

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