Why Is Digital Printing Businesses Company Profile Needed?


Digital printing is a competitive field just like most areas of business and industry. One tool you have at your disposal that can give you an edge over the competition is the company profile. On the surface, a company profile provides the reader with information about your digital printing business but it does more than that. It is a marketing tool that can be used to create a company image favourable to your business and establish your credibility in the digital printing industry. It can be used to attract new customers, new investors or new employees depending on how it is written and where it is used. Ultimately the company profile digital printing businesses develop will be used to help expand their business in one way or another.

Writing a Digital Printing Company Profile

There isn’t one correct way to write the company profile for your digital printing business. It should be engaging and capable of holding the readers interest. The information included should be relevant to your purpose and it must be clearly written so that it is easy to understand. How a company profile is written is determined in part by its purpose and where it will be used. It could be several pages long and very detailed such as a company profile included with an annual report, or of more moderate length like those included on company websites. Social media is another place where a digital printing business might post its company profile. The profile that most people are familiar with is that found on company websites. The following shows the typical structure of a company profile that is similar to what you would see on a digital printing business website:

  • Company overview that tells a little about the business and what they do.
  • A company history that relates the story of how the business started, major obstacles that have been overcome and milestones that have been reached since starting the company.
  • Brief biographies of key personnel and their experience in the industry.
  • Information on any areas of specialization and capabilities.
  • Examples of some of the more difficult or challenging jobs you have completed.

A company profile that has a structure similar to the above is used to attract new clients. It provides information about the services offered, experience in the industry, capabilities and gives examples, which are all things potential customers are interested in. Here are five examples of company profiles that are used on digital printing businesses websites:

digital printing company profiledigital printing company profiledigital printing company profile

digital printing company profile

Writing an effective company profile isn’t easy and many businesses turn to a professional service like the one we provide to have profiles written.

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