The Importance of Company Profiles

A company profile is your first chance to really tell your reader something about your company. You can introduce them to your values, your goals, and even your own personality as a representative of the company. Without the connections a good company profile can bring, it’s easy for customers to lose interest. But if you are writing a business profile that reflects your company, they’ll find themselves invested in you.


Ideas for Company Profile that Stand Out

Not sure how to write a great company profile? These example ideas show the qualities that a great company profile needs. They give information in an engaging way, display good design, and get you interested in the company. Take notes as you work on your own profile.

Starbucks’ company profile has the unusual distinction of having a “folklore” section! The company discusses its name, which is taken from Moby Dick, and its logo, which was inspired by the sirens from Greek mythology, which have two tails. Other pieces of the Starbucks story – coffee, personnel, and so on – are discussed, but the folklore immediately engages you and gets you interested to know more. On your own company profile, consider discussing any unusual inspiration, if there is any, that helps the reader get to know a little bit about your company’s personality.

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Atos chooses to feature a video on their company profile. It’s an unusual choice due to the increased effort you must make with a video, this allows them to pack a lot more information into a small space without eyestrain. The reader wishing to know more can examine the video and feel more personally engaged than they might have done without it. You can add a video to your own company profile if you like, or you can simply consider alternate ways of delivering information.

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You might not expect much depth from a beer company, but you’d be dead wrong when it comes to Heineken. They chose to include their values and their management to go beyond numbers and humanize the company. Rather than focusing on their product, which they could be justified in doing since they market a fairly specific thing, you’ve expanded. You can see, not just what they’re worth, but what they consider worthwhile. Likewise, think about ways to make your company profile human-centered. How can you bring it out of the realm of numbers and into concrete values, goals, and faces? These things will help you determine how best to reach your customers.

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Western Digital had an unusual idea for reaching customers: have the CEO write a letter to them! This company profile prominently features the letter, allowing customers to connect with the person in charge of the company. Since CEOs are generally hard to reach up at the top of the food chain, and are rarely well-regarded by customers, this is quite an interesting move. Consider how you could potentially personalize your company profile by connecting with your customers in an interesting, unusual way.

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Get a Great Company Profile

So how to create a company profile that will stand out? Creating a stunning company profile is difficult, even with these creative ideas. If you’re still struggling, we understand. We want to make it easy for you. That’s why we have a staff of trained professionals with experience in writing and creating company profiles. If you choose to reach out for our help, we vow that you won’t regret it.

Get use of these company profile ideas while creating your own and make your profile pop.