How Can You Create a Twitter Profile Design That You and Your Customers Will Love?

Although Twitter is still not as popular worldwide as Facebook, it is still home to millions of users.

And within these millions of users are more millions of potential customers you could be starting a relationship with if you get your profile design just right.

A well-crafted Twitter profile design template is one which looks so good that it makes that all important early connection with customers. And because first impressions are everything, this is so important for your best corporate ID. You don’t get a second chance, which is why you should only launch your page when your design is on the money.

A good design is also good for branding. Even if your business is otherwise well-branded, a weak profile design on Twitter is going to be harmful.

A solid profile design will also encourage interaction with customers who like what they see, and it will also enhance your marketing strategies, while increasing the likelihood that you could go viral and gain access to even more millions of customers.

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Tips For Creating A Good Twitter Profile Design Template

Create That All Important First Impression

The first thing people are going to see when they come across your Twitter profile is your picture and your message.

Both of these need to be compelling, and your picture also needs to be relevant.

Introduce your company, explain who you are. Remember, this is the only chance you get to make a first impression!

Think Of It Like A Business Card

Your Twitter profile is essentially a digital business card, so design it accordingly.

Use Your Businesses Name!

It sounds obvious, but when a small business goes to create their Twitter page, they sometimes find that their business name has already been taken by a separate user. To get around this problem, they might use underscore – but this is a big mistake.

The best thing to do if your name is already taken is to politely ask the user if you could use the name. It is important both for your Twitter and Facebook profile design.

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Use An Effective Custom Background

Custom Twitter backgrounds don’t cost anymore, yet it’s amazing the amount of businesses that choose to ignore employing one.

To be effective, a custom background should convey the right info, and it should also provide contact information.

Use SEO In Your Bio Section

There are numerous spheres and niches on Twitter, and you’re obviously not going to appeal to every single one of these.

But it is important that you appeal to as many as possible.

Think about what your company is and the different services it provides to people. Think outside the box and appeal to as many different niches as possible.

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Our Twitter Profile Design Team

If you’re worried about falling behind your competitors, we can help. Our expert team have been at the forefront of digital marketing for the last few years, and we know exactly how to get results so that your business grows through Twitter.

Our designs are slick, confident, positive and playful – and they help you to show yourself online.

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