If you’re an entrepreneur it’s 100% sure thing you’ve been puzzling your mind with the idea of how the corporate profile should be performed to capture the attention the first very second. For the modern corporate profile, it’s simply not enough to just look stunning and breathtaking, appearance actually comes as a top of the iceberg, helping to attractively arrange and structure the arrays of essential information. Whatever corporate profile you’re dreaming of, keep in mind that it should be able to maintain and represent the main image of the organization and to serve the main purpose of it.

Can the corporate profile be efficient and can we actually measure the effectiveness of using the one? Indirectly but inevitably the corporate company profile will affect many spheres of your business. As a powerful marketing leverage, an efficient corporate profile will be able to address your target auditory, attract investors and potential clients, generating more and more interest among the public.

How Can a Company Profile Be Used?

  • As a part of the on-site presentation, to establish the credibility to your business.
  • Representing you at trade shows and prospects mailings as printed materials.
  • For secure financing, usually provided to lenders.
  • As the good ground to press releases from media sources, add it to the media kit.
  • As a part of headhunting strategy, helping your company to hire and attract the best specialists in the labour market.

Differences between Corporate Biography and Profile

Corporate biography is basically the history of the company from the very start to the present moment, corporate bios are usually just narratives but not the pieces of branding documents like corporate profiles. As a supplier to another company in some cases, you will need a corporate bio, because some companies require it before dealing with your organization. Corporate biography is considered to be the essential part of the company’s website as well, helping to represent the institution in news or press releases. The biography of the company will typically include such parts as overview, personal purpose and testimonials section. Your corporate bio will not have such strict rules and limitations considering content length and structure as corporate profile, it will reflect the stages of your company’s evolution through showing the most significant and iconic dates of your company development.


Amazing Company Profile Examples That Will Inspire You

Better Corporate Profile Structure Has an Under-Pattern

Some people think that a good corporate profile is a complete mystery, functioning and operating by the own logic rules, unknown to the average mortals, whereas mechanism of how to make corporate profile can be perfectly explained to everyone. For this, marketers from all around the world are analyzing, identifying and gathering the underlining patterns and develop the structure. You can also save time on this bringing in the help of a professional company profile writer. Here are some of them: for starters, take it as a first aid kit guideline, in order for your company’s profile to be good you need to limit the content of the narration to approximately 250-400 words and structure it so that it could be readable, each paragraph containing the key areas of your qualification. The rest of the tips related to the actual content and design essentials you need to cover in the profile. You can see a good practice on the Henkel corporate profile example.

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What Makes a Good Narration? 5 Writing Tips to Include

Background summarizing and figures

The first paragraph is aimed at the self-summaries. The background information of your company needs to include a little piece of a company bio: the year it was founded, location and the summary of the service you provide. Some big companies also consider as a must to include the personal philosophy of service delivery that shows how they care about each and every customer. Be sure to include achievements and the accolades of the quality, establishing your credibility.

Include more engaging details about your product/service

corporate company profilePeople like being engaged at the personal level so include those information bits that will communicate how your service or product is helping people around the world, it shouldn’t be just the plain listing of all the services and produce, involve a paragraph or two that uncovers experience and expertise helpful and universal enough to meet various needs of your customers. The more area you can cover the more your auditory will be broadening, intrigued by all that you have to offer.

Tell the story about your company’s strengths successes and vision

corporate profileRight, the story is no longer a childish thing, we all bear and cherish little kids in ourselves, that’s why we love storytelling so much. As the powerful tool of audience engagement, it will help you to create compelling content. In the story, you need to deliver only unique strengths of your company that helped to distinguish you among many others. The advice from professional marketers: List at least 3 to 5 competitive advantages of your business or the product. After this list 3 successes, your company has had the occasions when it was mentioned in media or quoted from other websites.

Don’t forget the staff

Next paragraph can feature your staff qualification as an additional advantage point for your business, many clients will check the company’s staff qualifications first before handing them their most valuable values, health for instance. This also can include staff names, photos, the qualification level achieved by them. In this paragraph, you can also include the technologies you use to satisfy your customers, certifications and accreditations.

Selling statement summarizing or future targets outlining

how to make corporate profileThe final paragraph can be devoted to bright call to action, it will usually consist of 1-2 short sentence and gear an inner desire to make an action: buy, order or subscribe to the newsletter, – whatever the reason you have. Don’t forget to close the corporate profile with contact information: phone number, fax, e-mail address, and website URL.

4 Design Tips, What to Pay Attention To:

Basically, a competitive corporate profile design is of the great value in the business world. A perfect design should be able to represent your company’s credibility, values and provide the efficient content organization. Here are some tips on how it should look like:

  • Corporate identity package. A place for the logo. The logo is the face of your company so there’s useless to mention every decent design template for the business must feature the one. When picking your theme make sure the template has the section. Apart from logo corporate identity packages also include letterhead, and business card design elements and other elements.
  • A typography. A clean design is the top favourite choice among corporate profile designs, as a rule, those are accompanied by the laconic typographies. A well-proportioned font, appropriate for the company’s image is something adding a great value and making the content readable. Helvetica now is a modern King Kong of typefaces, even though it has the 50-year history.
  • Colours. A good designer should be aware of the colour theory and pick the right colours for the corporate profile, according to the business it is created for. However, nowadays there are sites that will help you to pick an appropriate colour scheme even if you’re not a designer.
  • Consistent style for images. There’s no need for the usage of the same photos again and again. Maybe the photos are brightly lit and the subject is looking right into the camera. Or, the photos have a subtle colour palette and the people never look at the camera but are engaged in their activity. You can use line art, illustrations or just charts and graphs and get a consistency in what you doing.

Corporate profile creation is not the fast task and is definitely not the easiest one, because it will demand modern design approach, creative but logic information delivery and concise and laconic conception idea entwining to be cool and attention-grabbing.

True corporate profile creation ideas are always born with passion and devotion to your business with an understanding of how helpful your company’s services can be to the people. If your corporate profile is able to communicate and to resonate with the audience on the inner deepest level there’s only the matter of time till your company becomes legendary in the sphere or industry you’re working in.

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