A Bank Company Profile Is Essential for Financial Institutions


The banking industry is an area where a good company profile can be especially beneficial and it is essential that financial institution make good use of it. Company profiles are a marketing tool that businesses can use to help create the image they want to portray to the public and establish their credibility within the industry. Banking is an industry where it is critical to creating an image of dependability. Before people allow you to manage their money or enter into a financial relationship they want to be assured that you are both trustworthy and that you know what you are doing. The company profile of a bank can be targeted at different audiences depending on the goals they want to accomplish. It could be a company profile for bank loan applicants, depositors, investors or employees depending on what group it is you are trying to attract.

Writing a Company Profile for Bank, Loan Businesses and Other Financial Institutions

As with company profiles in other industries, those used in banking will vary depending on where they will be used and what they are trying to achieve. In general company profiles for financial institutions used on websites tend to provide a little more detail than company profiles in other industries. A company profile a bank might post on their website will use a structure similar to the following:

  • The mission statement of the bank that provides its goals and reasons for doing business.
  • Message from the bank CEO or president.
  • An overview of the banks business which might include special areas, number of depositors and some other basic information.
  • The customer base that is catered to.
  • The history of the bank, such as when and where it was founded, obstacles overcome and specific milestones they have reached.
  • Profiles of key personnel such as department heads.
  • A corporate responsibility statement.

For banks and financial institutions the company profile is used to create an image of an experienced organization that is trustworthy, dependable and capable. Here are five examples of company profiles from the websites of different banks:

company profile for bank loancompany profile for bank loancompany profile for bank loan

company profile for bank loancompany profile for bank loan

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