Why Is Architectural Firm Company Profile Necessary?


Your architectural firm is just one of many in the industry. In order to be competitive and separate your firm from the crowd of others vying for business, you have to do something to make your company stand out. One tool you have that will help you achieve this is the company profile. A good company profile helps create the company image you want to portray and establish your business’s credibility. Depending on how you write it the company profile for architectural firm use can attract new clients, employees or investors to your firm. It is a valuable tool for marketing and expanding your firm so that you remain relevant and competitive in the industry. A company profile might be used in an annual report, your architectural firm’s website or on different social media platforms depending on the particular purpose you intend it for and the audience you want to focus on.

Writing a Company Profile for Architectural Firm Use

There isn’t one specific way to write your company profile. The approach you take will depend on your intended purpose and audience as well as where you will use it. Regardless of purpose, the company profile that you create for your architecture firm should be engaging so that it holds the readers interest. It should also use clear, easy to understand language and avoid technical jargon when possible. The structure of the company profile will depend to a certain extent on where it will be used. A standard structure for company profiles that appear on architectural firms websites is shown here:

  • Provide an overview of the firm. This may include:
  • The firm’s mission statement that states the reasons for starting the firm and its goals.
  • Company history telling the story of how the firm started, obstacles that have been overcome and milestones that have been reached.
  • General information about the company such as a number of employees, specific types of work undertaken and other general information.
  • Biographies of the firm’s owners/partners and key employees.
  • Provide any special accreditations and membership to organizations related to architecture the firm has.
  • Include a section on corporate and social responsibility.
  • Provide examples of some of the best work and most notable achievements of the firm.

All information included should be relevant and presented in the most effective manner to achieve your particular purpose. Here are five examples of company profiles that architectural firms have posted on their websites:

company profile for architectural firmcompany profile for architectural firmcompany profile for architectural firm

company profile for architectural firm

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