An Advertising Agency Company Profile Is Essential for Success in the Industry


Advertising has always been a competitive industry and it has only gotten more so in recent years. Those who work in the advertising field should be more aware than most of the marketing advantages that a company profile can give their business. Company profiles can be used to build up the image of your business so that you portray yourself in the way that you want. It also helps in establishing your company’s credibility in the field by showing you are both experienced and capable. Your company profile helps you expand your existing business by attracting new clients, employees and potential investors. To stay competitive in the “dog eats dog” world of advertising it is essential to have a great company profile.

Creating a Company Profile for Advertising Agency Businesses

There isn’t one best way to create a company profile. It depends on your intended purpose, who your audience is and where it will be used. Do you want to attract new clients or even new clients of a particular type? Is your goal to bring in new investors or perhaps new employees? Are you using the profile on a social media site, for an annual report or on your own company website? These are some of the factors that will determine both the content and the structure of the company profile for advertising agency businesses. The following shows how a company profile might be structured on the agency website:

  • Introduce your advertising agency with an overview of the company. This would be some general information about the agency and what it does without going into the detailed discussion. Newer firms might include their company history here. Established firms with years behind them may choose to separate their company history.
  • Provide bios of key personnel with the agency that discuss their experience, areas of expertise and any awards or special recognition received.
  • Discuss specific advertising services that you provide and any speciality areas that you may have.
  • Provide examples of some of the agencies best work and greatest achievements.

The company profile must be interesting so as to engage the reader and make them want to learn more. It should also be easy to understand and use clear concise language. When used on the internet SEO keywords should be incorporated into the profile. Here are links to company profiles of five different advertising agencies:

company profile for advertising agencycompany profile for advertising agencycompany profile for advertising agency

company profile for advertising agencycompany profile for advertising agency

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