What Are the Top 5 Methods of Business Letterhead Design That Will Help You Grow Your Business?

In the competitive world of business, a letterhead is not something you can ignore. Indeed, it’s something that everyone expects to see in your corporate branding package.

If you send a letter without your name, logo or contact details, your company will not only look unprofessional and uninspired, but it may also look disrespectful.

A top quality letterhead is fundamental if you want your business to look professional at all times. Ideal for invoices, forms, and cover letters, a letterhead keeps your brand at the forefront of the minds of your clients, helping you look like you are organised and ready to do business.

Personal and neat, letterheads establish credibility and look like you and your organisation know exactly what you are doing.

Why A Professional And Unique Letterhead Design Is So Important

professional letterhead design

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In the advent of social media, you might be asking whether a business letterhead is even still relevant.

But while posting messages on social media is convenient, a letter sent via mail speaks so many more volumes.

It lets the client know that you actually care about them, and that their business is important to you. It’s also more personal, and it helps to establish an emotional connection.

A good business letterhead design communicates with a client rather than advertises with them. The idea is to create trust and enhance a relationship.

If you are struggling with this aspect of the design process, let’s take a brief look at how to create a compelling letterhead design.

5 Methods For Unique Letterhead Design

Start With A Blank Document

You can use MS Word to create a letterhead design, as it’s the program best suited for this kind of thing. You can start with a letterhead template that lets you fill in the details, including your address and logo.

Decide Which Elements You Want To Use

Creating a letterhead can actually be really easy, but it requires some pre-planning for it to be effective and compelling.

Take a blank piece of paper and flesh out the elements you want to include. You might want to consider your logo, your name, your address, your slogan, your email address, your web address and perhaps even your professional license numbers.

business letterhead design

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Create The Header

You will need to create both a header and a cooer. Your logo should contain your logo, while your footer should contain your mailing address.

You might find that you need to crop your logo, but it’s better to do this via an editor such as Snaglt rather than in Word.

Create The Footer

The footer should include your mailing address. You don’t need to include an image, but make sure that you use the same font that you have used in the rest of your letterhead design.

Save As A Template

Once you are happy with the way your letterhead looks, you need to save it as a template.

To do this in MS Word, select Save As and then change the type to Document Template.

Enter “letterhead” as your descriptive name, before clicking Save.

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Our Letterhead Graphic Design Team

Let’s face it: creating your own letterheads can be a time consuming affair. For this reason, our graphic design team is here to help. And we always add a personal touch so that you make that all important emotional connection with your clients.

We add photographs, your off-work hobbies, a list of your organisation’s specialise, design a label and whatever else it takes to present yourself as a professional and personable business to your clients.

Establish more trust with your clients by working with us today.