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Message from the Directors

Throughout its decade of operations in Dubai, this company has demonstrated its relentless commitment to sustainable development of its organizational structure. We promise that company will continue to conduct business with the kind of honesty and sustainability in principles that our clients have surely come to expected from us while we continue to act in the best interests of all parties involved in the transaction. We believe that by doing so, company will prosper in the Dubai real estate market, which shows all signs of continuing to grow for many years to come.

Our aim continues to be to provide a complete real estate solution through our group of companies. Be it an investor who is looking to build their building for sale or lease, or be it a tenant who is looking to rent a place to live, we have a solution for anyone who needs one.

Diverse needs are found amongst people in the real estate market. Our professional staff recognizes that the needs of every single buyer and seller are completely different. At the end of the day we want both the purchasing and selling parties to walk away from the negotiating table feelings as though they had gotten the best deal that they possibly could. Members of our staff will certainly work as hard as possible to ensure that they do receive the best market value for their property as possible, but there’s more to customer service than just this.

Customer service involves common courtesy as well as going above and beyond what’s expected of our staff. We want to remain always in contact with those who employ our services, and we want to provide them with the best level of service possible.


This company unit represents promoters with over a decade of experience in the Dubai real estate industry. We have mastered the exact needs and precise requirements of homeowners in the marketplace. We are focused on delivering homes in a way where excellence meets affordability.

Our business practices include meticulous planning, attention to details and a real passion for perfection, which will all ensure delivery of excellent service and a happy experience to every customer.

We are honest in all of our actions and we follow through on each and every one of our commitments. We truly adhere to our “Client for Life” philosophy.

Without clients, a business doesn’t have a life. We wouldn’t be able to survive without them, and as a result we realize that honesty truly is always for the best. Attention to details is extremely important, since clients would quickly go elsewhere if they realized that something was awry. By ensuring that everything is correct and apropos in a transaction, our developments organization can be sure that we will continue to hold onto the deals that we currently have and continue to grow our business in the future.

Who Are We?

Our company, established in January 2005, is one of the leading real estate brokerage companies located in Dubai.

We provide professional real estate brokerage services to our customers in order to ensure maximum satisfaction and transparent real estate transactions.

Our philosophy is based on customer service – all of our property consultants provide a high level of customer service to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations throughout the whole entire process. We take care of all the hard work for you by offering a complete real estate services package.

Our property consultants have in-depth knowledge of the Dubai real estate market and all of our agents are registered with the RERA BRN (Broker Registration Number). Company is a registered real estate broker (registration no. 308) with Dubai lands department.

When it comes to giving our clients the kind of competitive advantage that they deserve, this registration is probably the largest one that we offer. On top of that, registering with the Dubai lands department gives us the kind of edge over other firms that make us the kind of better choice over other organizations that have allowed us to continue to grow over organizations that lack the kind of official recognition and registration that ours has.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the regions’ preferred real estate brokerage firm for residential, commercial and retail customers by serving their needs and to preserve and enhance our reputation for integrity through all our actions. Each individual business deal is extremely important, because every single deal influences our reputation to some degree. By keeping our eyes on this vision, we continue to move forward while ensuring that our reputation is intact.

Some organizations hire large public relations firms to improve their image, but we feel that the best way is to ensure that each of our transactions gives our clients something positive to share with those that they know who might be looking to purchase or sell their property.

Every company has a public image, and our vision is to ultimately always have a positive public image influenced by positive interactions with our customer base. Since our customer base is the public at large, everything that we do impacts what the outside world thinks of firm. As a result, we work exceptionally hard to improve that image at all times.

Each time we complete a deal successfully, we know that we are improving our image.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best, full-service real estate company in the region through a carefully selected team of professionals whom we believe are the most capable, honest and hard working. Aggression is a term that’s often thrown around in the real estate industry, and it has sort of a bad ring to it. To us, however, aggression means hard working.

Real estate agents have to be ready to keep working at all hours. Long nights and workdays are par for the course when it comes to the real estate field, and our agents recognize that. They’re ready to do whatever it takes to be sure that they connect clients and properties together. Sometimes being an aggressive real estate agent might mean making dozens of phone calls to prospective buyers to ensure that people have the opportunity to reach the largest audience possible.

At other times, it might mean putting together an open house showing and staffing it as people come in. It could mean traveling around and going to various properties. Indeed, being a good real estate agent means being adaptable to the task at hand, and that’s what we want out of everyone that we work with. We put together teams that will adjust to match the specific needs of the task at hand.

Our Values

We continue to rely on the following core values to guide our business regardless of what type of transaction we might be looking at:

  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Customer Service

Our Services

The current services of company include but are not limited to:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Sales & Marketing
  • Residential Buy, Sale & Rent
  • Retail & Commercial Buy, Sale & Rent
  • For Developers

Your Exclusive Sales Team

With our years of experience, thorough knowledge of the Dubai real estate market and rigorous property marketing, we can act as an exclusive sales team for property developers. Our property consultants draft unique selling points for each project and market the property to investors and end users. Our marketing team develops and executes aggressive marketing strategy based on the goals of the project.

Over time we have come to realize that modern consumers are more aware of what they need, what they desire and what they ultimately aspire to than anyone before them. We have invested a great deal of time and effort into better understanding how the consumer thinks, and therefore your personal team will be more conscious of the needs that the consumer has and will come out ready to serve them. This is a major advantage, since we have come out with a better understanding of what individual customers actually need out of the property that they come to acquire.

Why Use Our Services?

At our company, we offer our expertise and our personalized techniques of selling or renting your properties. Our management concept is founded on professionalism, integrity, accountability and quality service that guarantee the maximum return from your investment, while maintaining and advertising your property at the highest standards to attract the best buyers or tenants possible. The major concerns for developers are:

  • Having a Comprehensive Advertising & Marketing Strategy
  • Timely selling or renting of Real Estate Units
  • Up to Date Reporting and Complete Accountability
  • Regular and Complete Real Estate Services in accordance with RERA and Dubai Land Department regulations

Our company ensures that we provide exclusive services to developers being an exclusive agent for selling or renting their project. We have following competitive advantage over other companies when it comes to our:


  • We are registered with all of the various leading web portals to better promote your properties for sale or rent. Our custom CRM helps us to keep record of every customer and follow-up through the whole process. Many organizations have used technology to remove something from the customer-handling process, but we’ve actually taken the opportunity to use it to improve our relationships with our customers.

Agents Network

  • We have more than 2500 agents in our network, and that gives us a real competitive advantage over other companies when it comes to selling property.


  • Our marketing team drafts a complete marketing strategy for your project. We will carefully plan the most economical and influential marketing plan possible in order to advertise in leading print media, web portals, road shows, participation in exhibitions and many other media outlets and ultimately promote your project. Many people only think in terms of electronic media these days. As a result, we have focused heavily on providing the Internet marketing connections that you deserve. The vast majority of buyers will use the Internet at least at some point while they’re looking for a property. However, it’s important not to forget about all the other ways that they can come into contact with the property that you’re selling. We use every single method, and consider it worthwhile even if we can use it to potentially sell a single property, as we work to maximize the sales potential of every single client that we work with.


  • We have partnered with different financial institutions to provide customized mortgage deals for finance buyers. We have also partnered with different companies including but not limited to Interior companies, Maintenance companies, Will writing companies etc to provide the one stop solution to investors and end users. On top of this, we also have connections with other companies as well. Packing and moving are very serious considerations when dealing with real estate, and we have connections with companies that handle both of these important tasks here in the UAE. At times we’ve been assigned to projects that require us to furnish a property, and we have connections with companies that handle these tasks as well.

Customer Service

  • Our customer service desk is open from 8AM to 8PM Saturday through Thursday in order to answer any customer queries. During non-office hours, your calls will be diverted to a professional customer service agent in order to ensure that we’re accessible at any time you might need us.

For Sellers

As a seller’s agent we strive to provide best deal possible for your property. Company has a list of buyers and investors who are ready to buy your properties for cash or by taking finance. Our property consultants have an impressive amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to any of the Freehold areas of Dubai. Our clients have included UAE residents, but we also have experience working with nationals from overseas areas. That means that we can work with the largest potential client base possible when it comes to finding someone to purchase the property that you have for sale.

We have: 

  • A Specialized Team
  • An Excellent Track Record
  • Strong Knowledge of the Area and of the Business Segment
  • Access to Community Websites
  • A Comprehensive Advertising & Marketing Plan

For Buyers

As a buyer’s agent we will help the buyer to find the best property according to their individual personal requirements. We have hundreds of properties with property information packs and every month over 100 different new properties are registered with us. The company has bulk properties for investors and individual investors with the best opportunity for rental returns and property appreciation in the near future.

  • Property information packs
  • Hundreds of Properties
  • Bulk Options for Investors
  • Full-Buildings and Floors for Investors
  • Multiple options for Buyers

Expert advice is always a good offering from our agents as well. If you might be unfamiliar with a place or are looking for a property that is located near to schools, a place of work, parks, transportation hubs or restaurants, then we can help.

Our workers will also be sure to set up showings and viewings at a time that works for you. We can work during weekends if you need it, and we can also work on evenings if that’s what you require.

For Landlords

We help individual landlords and building owner’s take care of property renting services. Whether it is a single apartment or a full building, our professional property consultants find the best tenants for your properties. We make sure that each property is rented with current market prices and according to the landlord requirements.

We also provide complete peace of mind to landlords by way of our Property Rental Services. This program allows us to take care of all aspects of your property, tenant and tenancy. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Finding tenants
  • Preparing tenancy contracts
  • Registration with Ejari
  • Collection and maintenance of cheques
  • Depositing cheques on due date
  • Handling of cheque bounces
  • Quarterly property supervision
  • Rent renewals
  • Inspection of property when tenants vacate
  • Collection of final DEWA and other utility bills
  • Arranging refund of rental deposits
  • Arranging for facility management companies when required
  • Getting quotes for property insurance
  • Helping with Power of attorney and writing of wills
  • Many other tasks

For Tenants

With thousands of agencies in Dubai, selecting the best real estate agency could be difficult. We have over 10 years of experience. All of our agents are professional and experienced when it comes to finding you the best property for rent within your budget. All the agents have loads of knowledge of all the areas in Dubai along with current rental prices prevailing in the marketplace. Our property consultants are experts in both the fields of residential and commercial properties in Dubai.

Our Holiday Homes

We proudly announce our new line of business for short-term rentals of apartments and villas in Dubai under the title of xxx. Backed by a glorious decade of real estate and land brokerage activities, xxx Holiday Homes will now be extending its services to the great advantage of landlords in Dubai who are suffering from high periods of vacancy. It will also be working with those who have experienced some hurdles to renting properties at market levels, endless difficulties in terms of exiting their properties as per the guidelines of Dubai Land Department (DLD) and Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), Dubai and no real added benefit in terms of property ownership and maintenance.

Individuals and organizations that have experienced any of these problems are urged to contact our organization.

The Winners’ Choice

The value of this service to the landlords is quite comprehensive to say the least. We can help to ensure higher returns, freedom from renting hassles and property maintenance, market out performance when benchmarked against long-term tenancy contracts, and an ease of an ultimate exit strategy from property ownership at advantageous terms. Detailed benefits of short-term rental agreement are listed below:

  • HIGHER INCOME: Historically property owners get higher rent on short-term lettings compared to long-term rental. Industry standards show property owners get about 8 to 10% more rent if they rent properties on a short-term basis compared to long-term rentals. We can visit your property and let you know the amount of rent that you can expect for your property.
  • HIGHER CUMULATIVE YIELD: In short term rentals property owners will always get the market rent value unlike the capped rental increase in long-term rental contracts.
  • EASY EXIT: Property becomes available as vacant with a short notice if owners decide to sell, self-occupy or give it on long term rent whereas a minimum of 1 year notice is to be given in case of long term rent if owner wants to decide to sell or self occupy.
  • SUPERIOR MAINTENANCE: Property is always very well maintained in short term rental deals compared to long term rentals.
  • EASE OF BUSINESS: Property owners have full peace of mind whether it comes in the form of collection of rent, maintenance of property or any other aspect. They do not have to worry about anything.

Our Holdings

They are  the investment arm of the group of companies. Formed as xxx in 2006,  Holdings’ main activity is to acquire properties. We understand that investment in real estate is the only class of asset investment, which comes with both regular high yield and genuine capital growth. We carefully study proposed properties, analyse all the risk involved and then take a decision if we wish to invest in it. Naturally we always choose properties with a decent level of potential rental yield and expected capital appreciation.

Group of Companies


Our Guarantees