A tagline or slogan is a catchphrase of words that is combined in a unique and special way in order to identify a company or product. In some ways, it is a mini mission statement. It is quite an essential part of your¬†company profile design. Let’s look at some memorable logo designs.


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What Makes a Great Slogan?

Knowing what makes the slogan great is important in order to know what you need to consider. Keep in mind that having a unique slogan will set your products or company apart from others.

  • It is memorable.¬†Slogan is quickly recognizable by some people. Some catchy and brief few words can get the attention of the people.
  • It includes key benefit. With a slogan, you sell the benefits and the features. A good slogan makes the products or company benefits clear to their audience.
  • It differentiates your brand. With a slogan, you are setting your products or company apart from your competitors.
  • It shares a positive feeling about your brand. The best taglines use words that are upbeat and positive.

Catchy Slogans and Logos

  • BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine. The slogan was created in 1970s by an ad agency named Puris and Ammirati.
  • Tesco: Every Little Helps. Every little helps is a catchy tagline making sense in different contexts. It can refer to quality, service, environmental responsibility and value.
  • M&M: Melts in Your Mouth, not in Your Hands. It highlights the essential of seeking something that will make your brand different from others. With it, the hard shell keeps the chocolate from melting.
  • Bounty: The Quicker Picker Upper. The slogan is called consonance, which means it is a poetic device that is characterized by repetition of same consonant 2 or more times in a short succession.

Finally, there are many slogans and logos available on the web and it has their own meaning. If you want to know more about slogans, you can check out the internet to get more ideas.

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