Challenges of LinkedIn Company Profiles

Have you ever used LinkedIn before? If not, you’re in need of a guide. A company profile on LinkedIn is a great way to network, but if you’re not familiar with the setup, it can be very tricky indeed. The learning curve for many social networks – professional or no – is quite steep. Whether it’s conventions, profile, platform, or any other aspect, there are always ways to stumble. And the price of a poor profile is less business and an unprofessional reputation. To keep you on the right path, we’ve prepared a guide that will help you navigate the process and come out with an amazing small business company profile.

tips on how to create a company profile on linkedin

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Why Create Business Profile on LinkedIn

Why use LinkedIn at all if it’s tricky? Wouldn’t it be easier to go with a platform you’re familiar with? Well, yes, it would be easier, but LinkedIn is a major business hub, and it has an incredible number of useful features. You can find people to hire, open jobs, and make connections on a level that is difficult outside the website. The networking features work similarly to how real-world networking does. Once you learn to use it, you’ll be able to expand your business greatly with its many helpful features. And once you know, you won’t forget, so you’ll only have to learn once!

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How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

So, now the hard part: the learning. We’ve put together a list of steps on how to create a profile. If you follow them, you’ll find it easier than you thought it could be.

  1. Create a page: This part is quite easy; just put in your company name and email and verify that you are eligible. You’ll need to check your email, but that’s the hardest thing you’ll do.
  2. Complete your profile: Though this will require a lot of typing, it is technologically uncomplicated. LinkedIn has sections for you to fill out to get you a complete profile. What you do, what you specialize in, and what makes you unique are all important things to add for your business.
  3. Add banner: When choosing your banner, remember that this will be the first thing that a visitor sees. It’ll make a deep impression. Consequently, you should choose a banner that is suitable for your business and says something about you.
  4. Add logo: Simple if you already have a logo – a bit complex if not! Your logo will be visible when others search for you on LinkedIn. You can skip this step temporarily, but you’re going to have to go back and add one eventually if you want to look professional.
  5. Add links: Do you have other pages? LinkedIn allows you to link them so that your visitors can see you on other platforms. Make sure you link back to any relevant webpages or other profiles.
  6. Share content: You’ve got the important and difficult parts set up. But here’s the daily grind: you have to update frequently. It doesn’t have to be a lot – no five-page essays on a daily basis – but it should be often and not too frivolous. Interesting, relevant news articles, company updates, and recent awards are good subjects. A line or two on each will be sufficient.

Get a Great LinkedIn Profile

You know the secrets of LinkedIn now and you are prepared to create a profile of your very own. However, there are still ways that you can stumble. If you’re not much of a writer, or if you’re not tech-savvy, this task may seem very difficult to you. That’s understandable; you are busy, and can’t acquire every skill. That’s why we have a group of writers and designers on staff who can help you. They are experienced with LinkedIn and know the secrets to boosting your profile. With their help, you’ll have an amazing profile in no time at all. Why wait? You have nothing to lose.

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