What You Need to Know about Company Profiles

Starting your company profile? The trickiest thing is what to include and what not to bother with. What’s transparency and that’s just not relevant? What will make you look sophisticated and interesting, and what will make you look like a statistics nerd? It’s a tricky line to walk. If you learn the basic elements of a company profile, you’ll be well on your way to finding out what you need to put in and what can safely be ignored. We’ve put together a guide with company profile tips for you to break it down into simple parts.

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Elements of Company Profile

These elements are crucial when you’re writing a company profile. You can decide how to phrase them, and whether they should be combined with something else. One or two things might be able to be left out. But in the end, you should have most of this information if you want to be complete.

  • Overview. Give a broad overview of your company to your readers so that they can understand a little something about you. This can include the company’s goals and mission statement if you wish.
  • Quick facts. This can be combined with the overview on the same page or left separate. It should contain some numbers and important bullet points that give an impression of your company and how it works.
  • People. Tell people about your most important employees, such as the CEO or owner of the company. This helps them assign a face to the company and humanizes your profile.
  • Recent developments. Keep your readers updated on news! Key achievements, changes, and other such important pieces of information should be regularly posted on your profile.
  • Locations. If you have physical locations, you should list them so people know where you are. Addresses are helpful in case someone is looking to mail you something.
  • Intellectual property. If you own any intellectual property, this is a good thing to put in your profile. People will see it and be able to associate you with the property.
  • Financials. Keep transparency open with records of investors, basic financial data such as revenue and spending, and tax information. It’s never fun to talk about these things, but it’s an important part of looking like an honest, open business.
  • Social responsibility. Sustainability and other environmental concerns, fair labour practices, and health and safety information are good things to put in your profile. Let people know you’re responsible and ethical.
  • Contact info. Finally, don’t forget to let people know how and where they can get ahold of you. This is perhaps the most important thing; a company profile which includes nothing but contact information is still better than a complete company profile that includes no contact info.

Company Profile Structure Help

Knowing what you want in your company profile is one thing. Designing it successfully is quite another. There are many moving parts to a company profile, and it can be difficult for one person to achieve them all. If you’re struggling with this, you should consider asking for outside help. Our experienced team of company profile experts can help you create a strong, memorable profile that will draw business in and help you get noticed. Remember, an investment in your company profile is an investment in your company’s future.

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